W. Michael Crouch, LCSW

W. Michael Crouch, LCSW

Michael graduated from Columbia University School of Social Work in May of 1991.  He started his career as a therapist at The Sterling Institute in Stamford, Connecticut.  In 1992, he opened his private practice in Stamford while also working at Bridges…A Community Support System, a clinic in Milford, CT.  In 2006, Michael completed his training in Eye Movement, Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).  As a result of the 2011 Christmas Day fire in Stamford, CT, Michael began the Fairfield Country Trauma Recovery Network (FCTRN) and his work with the first responder community.  One year later, the Newtown/Sandy Hook tragedy happened and the FCTRN responded and expanded with Linda Rost, LCSW and Dr. Karen Alter-Reid, PhD joining as co-coordinators.

In 2013, Michael did a TED-X talk: “The Grit of the First Responder Community.” The presentation focused on the need of the culture to destigmatize first responders getting therapeutic help for their emotional needs and everyday job-related stressors.

In 2019, the FCTRN became the Fairfield County Trauma Response Team (FCTRT), a 501c3.  The team is embedded in most of the larger fire departments throughout the county and serves as the clinical advisors to many of them.  Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the FCTRT is working to address the needs of the healthcare community.

TeleHealth Medical Panel


A discussion of telehealth from practitioner and patient perspectives: how the tools are being received by physicians and patients. We’ll compare a patient’s clinical experience with a televisit versus in-office care, referencing pros and cons of each, based on the varied settings of our speakers. We’ll discuss security and privacy issues and examine how telehealth […]