Dr. Jody L. Ranck

Dr. Jody L. Ranck

Dr. Ranck is a Seasoned Digital Health Executive with over 26 years of experience in global health and technology. He is globally recognized thought leader with a passion for transforming health systems and businesses into dynamic, outcome-oriented organizations. He is the author of Connected Health: How Mobiles, Cloud and Big Data will Reinvent Healthcare and the editor of  Disruptive Cooperation in Digital Health.

Dr. Ranck is currently the Executive Vice President, Global Strategy for RAM Global where he is developing global strategy for next generation biosensor platform for remote monitoring, wearables, molecular diagnostics, blockchain and environmental applications. In addition, he is managing prospective global investor/partner relations and strategy for creating an ecosystem of partners and users of sensors in health systems. He is also responsible for business development activities and thought leadership on digital health and health system transformation.

COVID-19 ACT Session (Emerging Technologies to Assess-Communicate-Treat Covid 19)


Covid-19 has accelerated the implementation of new rapid testing technologies, telehealth virtual care platforms, data analysis engines and intelligent data that not only allow data to protect itself but to also set rules and track logs.  During this session the expert panel will present new technologies and clinical implementation of virtual health practices addressing Covid-19 […]