Adriana Benassi

Adriana Benassi

Client Success Manager

Adriana has over a decade of Medical Service Industry experience and an in-depth knowledge of hospital systems from an operational standpoint. She joined OMRON Healthcare approximately one and a half years ago as the Marketing Specialist and was promoted to Client Success Manager for VitalSight where she is paving the way for OMRON’s remote patient monitoring program furthering the company’s mission of Going for Zero.


COVID-19 ACT Session (Emerging Technologies to Assess-Communicate-Treat Covid 19)


Covid-19 has accelerated the implementation of new rapid testing technologies, telehealth virtual care platforms, data analysis engines and intelligent data that not only allow data to protect itself but to also set rules and track logs.  During this session the expert panel will present new technologies and clinical implementation of virtual health practices addressing Covid-19 […]